Eternellföreningen is an association for all former members of Florakören. We support Florakören economically and by participating in planning and events, but also organize events for our members. The aim is to provide arenas where old choir friends can meet even after we have left the student choir. We have an annual Christmas party together with the association Brahe Ärkedjäknar, and we have also organized rehearsals, where we have sung newer songs that Florakören currently sings. Through Eternellföreningen you also receive information on Florakören’s concerts and events.

How can I become a member?
Please contact us on eternellforeningen(a) to send your contact information. The membership fee is 20€/year or 200€ for eternal membership.

The membership fee can be paid to Eternellföreningen at Ålandsbanken FI14 6601 0001 1481 88.

You are warmly welcome to join!